Creating a Multimedia Education App for Pilots

Sporty's Takeoff

If you’re a pilot, you know and trust Sporty’s Pilot Shop. The company leads the market in pilot sporting goods—everything from headsets to GPS devices—as well as in aviation education.

We partnered with Sporty’s to build Takeoff—a multimedia app that delivers the latest aviation trends, news and education on iPhones and iPads.

  • Platform: iOS
  • Timeline: 8 Weeks
  • Team: 2 mobile devs

The Challenge: Educating Busy Pilots

Pilots need to keep their skills up-to-date, but sometimes they only have a few minutes to take in new information. Takeoff meets this need by delivering relevant, bite-sized content in a variety of formats, including video tips, podcasts, articles, quizzes, photos and more.

The app’s design makes consuming content incredibly easy. It’s simple and intuitive to browse and launch any content format within the app. And to make the most of each user’s time, we built audience segmentation into the app, so the content shown matches each pilot’s skill level and areas of interest.

All this simplicity is made possible by a sophisticated backend. It manages everything from subscription payments to serving up third-party content and even a full content management system (CMS) for Sporty’s original content.

Feature Highlights

Articles & Quizzes

Fun and informative articles and interactive quizzes

Video Streaming

Engaging video tips for pilots of all levels

Autorenewing Subscriptions

Access premium content through in-app subscriptions

Push Notifications

Customizable notifications settings to alert you when new content is available

The Process: Iterative Problem Solving

Sporty’s approached us with a big idea for a pilot education app, but we worked together to explore several different iterations of the app. We looked at everything from a video-based learning platform to gamification with badges and incentives. Ultimately, we landed on a multimedia platform after researching similar products in other markets and gathering aviation industry feedback.

After the app launch, we continued to work with Sporty’s to monitor app performance and how people are using it. This includes routine maintenance, new or improved features, and proactively fixing any behind-the-scenes issues.

"They’re more than just developers. The Atomic Robot team has ideas and recommendations throughout the entire process—from big picture idea to ongoing maintenance."

Bret Koebbe

VP, Sporty's Academy

The Results: Pilot Approved

10,000+ Users

The app clearly fills a need for its niche audience: active pilots.

New Pricing Model

Unlike Sporty’s other apps, Takeoff generates revenue with a subscription based in-app purchase—either month-to-month or annually—to access exclusive content.

High Engagement

Push notifications alert users to new content and drive app engagement.

Available Now

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