A Modern App for Hospice Care

VITAS Healthcare

VITAS Healthcare is the country's leading hospice provider. The VITAS app provides the tools for when a patient is ready for hospice care. Access the hospice eligibility reference guide with clinically appropriate criteria, make referrals, contact admissions coordinators or get more information from a hospice clinician all from within the app.

  • Platform: iOS & Android
  • Timeline: 6 Weeks
  • Team: 2 mobile devs

The Challenge: Improve the User Experience

VITAS Healthcare wanted to modernize their app to have a cleaner user interface and improved UX while also making it easier to provide the latest tools and information to support hospice care professionals. They needed the app to integrate with their content management system so that regulatory updates would be automatically passed on to the app, with no app update required. The new app also needed to allow medical specialists to be able to refer new patients directly within the app with offline support.

Feature Highlights

Location Services

Use the hospice locator to find a nearby location

Referrals & Info

Submit referrals or request additional information

Apple Watch

Apple Watch support

CMS Integration

Integrates with a CMS to keep content up to date

The Process: A Complete Redesign

Atomic Robot designed and developed an app that made it easier for healthcare professionals to provide higher quality patient care at a difficult time. The hospice referral process was simplified through the app's new interface. Healthcare specialists could also use the app to better educate patients about hospice choices. Staff could update patient care information, review regulatory updates, and connect with healthcare professionals through the new app.

Atomic Robot was able to integrate helpful utilities into the app, including the VITAS referral criteria, facility locations, hospice industry news, and a BMI calculator, to facilitate medical professionals in providing patient care. The content management system integration and a smart download mechanism ensured that the app would stay updated regardless of wifi access or mobile connectivity.

The app redevelopment resulted in a better user experience for hospice workers and medical professionals, a more useful tool, and most importantly a happy customer.

The Results: A First-Class Hospice Care App

Improved User Experience

Atomic Robot redesigned the app to provide a modern design and improved user experience.

Integrated Content Management

The app integrates with the VITAS content management solution so information is always up to date.

Apple Watch Support

In addition to providing a great experience on phones and tablets, the BMI calculator and request for information is available on the Apple Watch.

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