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Time Timer

Time is an abstract concept, but Time Timer makes it concrete by showing the passage of time with a disappearing red disk. The company’s range of tools—from a traditional analog timer to watches and digital apps—make it easier for anyone to measure and manage time.

  • Platform: iOS
  • Timeline: 8 weeks
  • Team: 2 mobile devs

The Challenge: Global Overhaul

Time Timer’s iPhone and iPad apps were showing their age with a dated look and feel and growing functionality issues. The company wanted a fresh modern look and a few new features—all while maintaining the original app’s simple feel and ease of use.

We collaborated with the client’s design agency to update the user interface for Apple’s Retina screens and create a look that wasn’t dated to the iPhone 5. The design features fluid animations for the timer countdown that give the app a custom, high-end feel and create an intuitive, responsive experience for users.

Our team rewrote the app in Apple’s Swift language (newly launched at the time) to solve functionality issues and future proof the app. We maintained the ability for users to start a timer in an instant, but for those who dig a little deeper, there’s a new set of power features.

To tap into a global market, we translated the app into eight different languages. We also helped Time Timer manage a customized app store presence to appeal to so many different audiences. We captured screenshots for each language and device to create targeted marketing that drives sales.

Feature Highlights

Repeat Intervals

Repeat setting is perfect for interval training

Multiple Timers

Manage multiple custom timers

Visual Timer

Animated timer view that makes time easy to visualize

Set By Touch

Use the touch interface to set timer

The Process: Tech Advisors

Time Timer’s core business doesn’t revolve around technology, but we were able to act as a trusted advisor for the app build, launch and marketing. One key recommendation: We created one code base for the new iPhone and iPad apps instead of the two that previously existed. This resulted in cost savings, easier maintenance and comparable features.

Beyond coding, we provided advice on navigating App Store red tape, from general policies to the review process. We also helped Time Timer decide which iOS versions to support based on user data and pitched in with marketing help. The latter included creating a 30-second promo video about the updated apps.

"Atomic Robot made the whole project seamless–from tracking and managing progress to delivering a robust, world-class app right on schedule."

Tricia Wright

Director of Product Development, Time Timer

The Results: Props and Profit

Sales Boost

Sales increased 20% after the new app launched.

Delighted Users

In the words of App Store reviewers, "wonderfully effective", "terrific", "excellent app", "love the updated design" and "great refresh".

Media Love

Featured in The Huffington Post and the print edition of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

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Download on the App Store

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