Sporty's Pilot Training

An educational app for aspiring pilots
Sporty’s Pilot Shop leads the market in pilot sporting goods—everything from headsets to GPS devices—as well as in aviation education. We partnered with Sporty’s to build Pilot Training—a comprehensive flight-training companion designed to make lessons for aspiring pilots more efficient, more complete and more fun.

The Challenge

Prepare student pilots for their knowledge test

Studying for a test can be daunting, but Pilot Training gives pilots confidence! By delivering video courses and study tools—such as flashcards and practice tests—Pilot Training ensures every student pilot is prepared to pass their knowledge test.

Feature Highlights

Video Streaming
Engaging video tips for pilots of all levels
Smart Study Tools
Use flashcards and practice tests to target specific areas of improvement
Log flights through CloudAhoy and receive course recommendations based on real, inflight data
Video Courses
Watch engaging videos that sync across multiple devices
Customer Review
“Well done and so easy to use. The videos and quizzes thoroughly prepare you for every flight. My new CFI was amazed at my practical knowledge and impressed with how well I actually handled the plane with only 3 1/2 hours with my first instructor. Get this!”
They’re more than just developers. The Atomic Robot team has ideas and recommendations throughout the entire process—from big picture idea to ongoing maintenance.
Bret Koebbe, VP
Sporty's Academy

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