Bicycle® How to Play

Discover the vast world of card games
When most people think of playing cards, they think of Bicycle. Made in America since 1885, Bicycle cards has been a part of making memories for more than 130 years. With the How to Play app, learning a new card game is easy!

The Challenge

Create a new look and improve discovery features

Bicycle wanted to fully revamp the user experience of their existing
 How to Play app. The app hopes to bring new games to tables around the United States.

Feature Highlights

Discover new card games with featured and regional games
Find your favorite games or search by type, target age or number of players
Save your favorite games to easily find them again
Store ratings greatly increased after the UI update. “The new facelift on the app is much appreciated. The interface is much better looking and functions more reliably than past versions.”
They didn’t just want to improve our app, they wanted to improve our business, too.
Todd Brainard, Project Manager
United States Playing Cards Company