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sleepme needed a partner to help their teams maintain velocity in delivering key features for a great app experience.

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sleepme App

sleepme is the premier provider of sleep technology for thermoregulation, sleep tracking, and sleep coaching. In 2022, Chilisleep rebranded to sleepme while launching new products and an enhanced sleep coaching experience for customers. Atomic Robot partnered with sleepme to deliver key features to provide a premium app experience.

Audio and Video Relaxation

Meditations tailored to provide improved sleep

Automatic Temperature Adjustment

AI maintains a consistent experience even when your schedule is not

Sleep Quiz Analysis

Determine an ideal schedule for your needs

Path to Better Sleep

With a new app being created to match the new brand, Atomic Robot helped in multiple different ways. First, we helped in implementing analytics and notifications into the app. The push notifications are key to notify users of multiple areas, but specifically about if their sleep equipment needs attention, and also nudges to help coach them to better sleep.

In addition to the team focusing on analytics and push notifications, sleepme needed added velocity on their core app team, and enlisted an Atomic Robot Android developer to integrate into their team to create audio and video clips to help with relaxation and sleep as well as guided meditation, quizzes to determine a users ideal sleep and productivity schedule, and smart schedule and temperature adjusting using AI to keep a consistent experience even when your schedule is not.


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