Providing Mobile Leadership for a Nutrition Focused Startup

Good Measures

Good Measures is a startup that takes registered dietician services into the 21st century. The company combines traditional dietician appointments with a state-of-the art digital platform to help patients change diet and exercise habits.

We serve as the mobile arm of the company’s development team, and as part of that ongoing partnership, we’re heavily involved in everything from the product design cycle to regularly delivering well tested code.

  • Platform: iOS & Android
  • Timeline: Ongoing
  • Team: 2 mobile devs

The Challenge: Virtual Nutrition Counseling

Plenty of apps track steps, calories or weight loss. Good Measures sets itself apart by backing its robust web, Android and iPhone apps with the expertise of registered dieticians (RDs). These health and wellness tools support patients with nutrition-sensitive medical conditions ranging from diabetes to high cholesterol.

How? For starters, the apps provide an easy way for RDs and patients to communicate between appointments, whether that’s to ask a question or suggest a healthy recipe. The app also drives behavior change by allowing users to track daily exercise, water intake, food choices and more. For Type 2 diabetics, the app even supports blood glucose and medication tracking.

Feature Highlights

Fitness Integration

Integrates with HealthKit, Fitbit and Google Fit

Secure Messaging

Secure communication between dietitian and patient

Food & Exercise Logging

Log daily food and exercise

Meal Suggestions

Enable push notifications to receive personalized meal suggestions

The Process: Daily Collaboration

We function just like we’re part of the Good Measures’ internal development team. Our mobile developers serve as part of the company’s larger distributed development team. We participate in daily stand-ups, use the same project management and ticketing systems, collaborate with nutrition and app testing staff, and deliver on six-week release cycles.

In fact, this partnership extends well beyond writing code. We help shape the direction of the product by collaborating with product owners to prioritize and iterate features. You might find us creating mock-ups and prototypes for how a feature from the web app will work on mobile. Or addressing support issues with the same dedication as a full-time employee.

"We’re delighted with Atomic Robot. They’re part of our extended development team and really understand the issues we’re trying to solve on a daily basis."

Dan Ries

CTO, Good Measures

The Results: High Tech Healthcare

Healthier Habits

The app encourages healthy behavior changes that help drive clinical outcomes, such as improved blood pressure or cholesterol.

Better Communication

Questions between appointments? The app provides a fast and efficient way for patients and dieticians to communicate.

HIPAA Compliant

In-app messaging between patients and dieticians meets strict privacy guidelines for healthcare information.

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