Disrupting Valet Parking with a Location-Based App

Divine Valet

Divine Services Corp is a valet parking company with a big idea to stand out: A mobile app that allows drivers to request on-demand valet parking from any centralized location.

The app also enables a hybrid service, where customers park at a traditional valet stand then use the app as a virtual claim check to request car delivery at the airport or a restaurant’s front door.

  • Platform: iOS & Android
  • Timeline: 8 Weeks
  • Team: 2 mobile devs

The Challenge: Move Faster

When Divine partnered with us, they’d already been working on an iOS mobile app with another vendor for nearly a year. But the app wasn’t quite right and the App Store had rejected it several times.

Our development team was able to fine tune the existing code base and land Divine in the App Store within three weeks. From there, we took the lead on all design and development, making user experience improvements, fixing existing issues and adding additional features to the iOS app. The latter included enabling promotional codes, simplifying the overall pricing model and adding a subscription parking option.

Next we kicked off an Android app build to offer an identical feature set, and since it was a fresh build, we took the opportunity to make the overall design cleaner and more modern. We also tailored the user experience to follow Android conventions, so the app would feel familiar to users.

Feature Highlights

Convenient Payment Options

Integrated subscriptions and payments using Braintree mobile payments


See service areas and manage pickup locations with the interative map

Request Valet

Request pickup or drop off of your car from your phone

Claim Check

Integrates with traditional claim check service

The Process: Jumpstart Success

To hit the ground running, we kicked off the Android build with our proprietary app foundation. It contains all the conventions and best practices required for a typical app and allows us to move much faster than starting from scratch. This foundation also gives us more time to focus on business requirements and features rather than an app’s plumbing.

Each week we shared a new build of the app with Divine, so they could provide feedback as we added new features. We also hit the parking lot at Atomic Robot Galactic Headquarters and tested out the functionality ourselves. Our team set up a virtual valet stand and tried out the app’s performance for both customers and valets.

"You just give Atomic Robot an idea of what you want, and they make it happen. I loved their quick response times. They’re real people who hold themselves accountable."

Cody Bratton

CEO, Divine Services Corp

The Results: Real ROI

New Business Model

Launching the app changes the age-old business model of valet parking and creates a unique experience for customers.

New Contracts

The app gives Divine a competitive advantage in landing parking contracts at hotels, airports, restaurants and more.

New Cities

The app plays a key part in a strategic plan for Divine to move into new markets across the country.

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