Google Play Promo Codes

By Deepansh Pahwa on 25 Jan 2016

Google offers a suite of tools to help developers achieve app success on Google Play. Adding to this suite, developers can now generate promo codes for paid apps or in-app content on Google Play. This announcement is great news for anyone selling their app or content on Google Play! Android developers have a new way to reward their best customers, acquire new customers, and drive marketing.

Low Barrier to Entry

We started testing adding promo codes to a paid app after the announcement. What we discovered is that there are zero app changes needed to support promo codes for paid apps. Google Play Developer Console manages everything with promo codes. Supporting promo codes for in-app content, however, may still need app changes.


Google, unfortunately, currently allows only 500 promo codes per app per quarter, and unused codes expire at the end of the quarter. We expect this number to grow as this new service grows and evolves. Also, as of now, promo codes are long and not something a customer might want to type in. This length limits their effectiveness to digital channels. An improvement we would like to see is support for vanity promo codes like Uber uses (ex: ‘RIDESHARE’).

Exciting Future for Promo Codes!

We’re excited to see how developers will start using promo codes to innovate their app businesses. If you’re interested in a partner who can help improve your existing business with promo codes, hire us!