Clutch Global 1000

By Alex Robinson on 2 Dec 2017

Your customers are becoming more and more mobile, and it is important that your company adapts. Here at Atomic Robot, we help your company keep up by bringing your brand to your customers. We specialize in mobile app development, UX/UI design, and digital strategy to help your company compete on a mobile platform. Our team consults with our clients to help them enhance their company’s online presence as well as create better connections with their customer base.

Our work in the mobile app field has recently been recognized by Clutch, a ratings and review platform. Clutch is a third-party company that conducts research on B2B service providers and provides rankings for them to help companies find the best partner firms. Based on our ability to deliver to our clients, Clutch has announced Atomic Robot in their list of the Top 1,000 Service Providers on Clutch as part of their annual Global Leader Awards.

Clutch has spoken with several of our past and current clients to get a firm grasp on our abilities compared to other mobile app development companies around the world.

As an example, here are only a few things our clients have to say:

  • “They didn’t just want to improve our app, they wanted to improve our business, too.” – Project Manager, Consumer Goods Manufacturer

  • “Finding people who are this enjoyable to work with is really unusual.” – Director of Product Development, Consumer Goods Company

  • “Atomic Robot stays in tune with the latest iOS developments.” – Vice President, Retailer

Along with our placement on Clutch database, our high rankings have also earned us a spot on their sister website, The Manifest, where we are included on a list of the top 100 Android App Developers in the world! The Manifest is a great tool for companies to see leaders in different fields of business along with industry reports that highlight importance trends in the field.

Atomic Robot recognizes that the world is constantly changing, and businesses need to adapt in order to effectively reach their customers. We are here to help your company take full advantage of the mobile world, and maximize your reach to your target audience. Too many companies use marketing as a tool to bring their customers to them. The best businesses bring their brands to their customers!